What Does New South Wales Really Think About Abortion? - The Poll

During April - May 2017, independent polling company Galaxy Research carried out a Community Attitudes to Abortion poll of 1003 people in New South Wales. The poll took a deeper look at the complex issue of abortion, asking participants for their views on conscientious objection, late term abortion, counselling, medical care and more.


Questions included....


 'One factor that can be involved in a woman’s decision to have an abortion is pressure from another person such as a partner. Do you personally know anyone who had an abortion where you believe that pressure from another person was a significant factor in their decision to have the abortion?'

' Do you believe that a woman requesting an abortion should always be seen in person by a qualified doctor?' 

 'If your local Member of State Parliament voted in favour of decriminalisation of abortion, which would allow abortion for any reason until birth, would you be less likely or more likely to vote for them at the next State election?' 

'Do you believe that when considering having an abortion, a woman should have the right to independent counselling from a source that has no financial interest in her decision, so that she can make a fully informed decision?'


Access a complete copy of the poll, including all questions asked and methodology, here.


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